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Connie Mack
Edger Alle Poe Raven
Steve Carlton
Stephen Girard
Dr J. ( Juils Irving )
Mike Schmidt
Wilt Chamberlin
Roberto Clemente
The Wrestlers 1885
Vietnam Veterns Memorial
Frank Rizzo
20th Century War Memorial
Statue Outside Prince Theater
30th Street Station
Ben Franklin House
Acadamy of Music
Boat House Row
Society Hill Carriage Tour
Elfreth Alley
Fairmount Water works
First Bank USA
Eakins Fountain
Genereal McCallen
Irish Memorial
Kimmel Center
Library Hall
30th Street Main Post Office
Memorial Hall
Merchants Exchange
Museum of Art
Rodin Museum
Society Hill Row Houses
Skyline of Philly
South Street Entrance
South Street
The Bourse
The Drake
Union League Hall
Winged Bull
City Hall
Comcast Center
George Washington
Inquier Building
Joan of Arc
One Liberty Place
Quadrangle Univesity Of Penn
Saint Peter & Paul Church
The Thinker
Liberty Bell



The William Penn Statue, Thomas Bond House and Customs Building in Philadelphia. City Hall in Philadelphia. View of City Hall in Philadelphia. Top of City Hall in Philadelphia. Snowy Thinker at Rodin Museum  -Vickie M. Feldman Franklin plaque Novice Women's 8+ Philadelphia -- The City of Brotherly Love

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia.