Indian Club Collection of The Iz

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2.5 lb Carved Clubs 1.13kg

I love these clubs. These I keep in an area for display though they are a delight to swing. They have a solid feel to them and appear heavier then they look compared with similer shape clubs. Nice weight for the tallness and compactness of the club. Not sure of the wood except it is a hardwood. 20.5" Tall

carved pair front
carved pair back
carved pair middle

12 lb - Sim D Kehoe Club circa 1870s -

5.44kg Desiccated weight 9.5lbs - 4.31kgs

kehoe club

8lb - Sim D Kehoe Club circa 1870s - 3.63kg

Dessicated weight 6.5lbs - 2.95kgs

8lb kehoes
8lb kehoes close

8 LB - Rosewater Kinetics- 3.63kg

These have a carved handle design that facilitates grip. They are made out of solid Sugar Maple that was seasoned and dried.

They are very comfortable swinginging clubs that are good for doing a long session of swinging. 25" Tall

I have to say that I love these clubs.

If you want custom turned clubs: Contact Mike at Rosewater Kinetics.


1 lb Model B.S. -A. G. Spalding Clubs - .45 kg

The Spalding company was founded in 1876 by Albert Spalding who was a pitcher and the manager of a baseball team in Chicago. The company standardized early baseballs and developed the modern baseball bat with the bulge at its apex. In 1892, Spalding acquired Wright & Ditson a rival sporting goods companies. 15" Tall

These are great to use for a Ball and Socket grip to perform hand circles, reels etc

These are images of the same clubs except I refinished the clubs on the right. Just a cleaning with soap/water and application of Howards wax and feed.

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